3 Pieces of Jewellery you Need to Own

Every girl has her essential pieces of jewellery that she wears over and over again… And we’ve narrowed it down to three types. Here’s a guide to know how to make each piece count!

The Necklace

the necklaceThe most common form of jewellery. Chosen well, necklaces enhance the outfits you are wearing that day and can even make the simplest of outfits look interesting. And with so many variations (long, short, chunky beads, pendants…) you can’t go wrong.

The Bracelet

DSC03854 the bracelet

You can’t help but feel a little dressed up when you wear a bracelet. We aren’t short of big beads and charmed bracelets, which gives you the chance to experiment with lots of different designs (even mixing ‘clashing’ styles can work here!)

The Ring

DSC02992 the ring

We’re big believers in making you stand out through your accessories, and a chunky ring is a simple but effective way of doing this. Rings can act as a token to what you’re wearing that day, so co-ordinate the colour of your clothes to the accessory. We have a nice selection of beaded and floral rings for you to choose from in our current collection!

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