Get the Celeb Look

Here at Gaby’s we can’t help but look at celebs for style inspiration. Who’s wearing what? What’s the latest celeb trend? So to save you the trouble of doing the same, we’re here to help!

Cara Delevingne

cara get the look

A rising star in the fashion world, Cara can pull off any outfit. And she’s found a quirky way to wear her chain necklace: around her hair, so it acts as a feature piece. You can find an almost identical version in the Gaby collection, right here!

Mary-Kate Olsenmary kate olsen pearls & gaby copy

Mary-Kate Olsen sure knows how to layer it up! Try combining assorted necklaces such as pearls and multi-coloured faceted beads to create a really interesting look. And the best thing is, the possibilities are endless! Get Mary-Kate’s look with a pearl necklace with a diamante clasp and a long lava necklace.

Samantha Barks

Samantha Barks oscars

Samantha Barks looked stunning at the 2014 Oscars; her double-layered pale tone necklace accompanied her simple gown beautifully. You can achieve the look too with 2 classic pearl and crystal necklaces. Our version even comes with additional faceted beads.

Which celeb is your style icon?

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