Jewellery That Will Transform Any Outfit

It’s amazing what jewellery can do to an outfit. There are occasions, particularly on those after work socials, or whilst you’re on holiday, that you’ll need to make a seamless transition from day to evening wear. We’ve selected some of our favourite pieces of  jewellery from our SS19 collection that will help to transform any look with ease.

This earring and necklace set in Midnight Blue will add a touch of glamour to those casual day dresses and jumpsuits. Pop on some high heels, grab a navy clutch and you’re fully set to enjoy an evening of cocktails and fine dining.


               Midnight Blue N3680                       Midnight Blue E3680

Sometimes all it takes is a little shimmer of silver to uplift your look, even if it is a more understated option. The opal necklace, available in white, grey and aquamarine oozes elegance and sophistication. The magnetic clasp on the necklace, makes it easy to fasten and ensures a speedy transformation of your outfit.

                                                      N3654 Aquamarine 

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