Look Perfect in Pearls

Pearls are something we revisit a lot here at Gaby. As a timeless accessory, pearl jewellery continually makes its way back into our necklace, bracelet and earring collections. Just a small touch of this classic accessory can transform even the plainest of outfits into something worth remembering.


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Do you prefer delicate or statement pearl necklaces?

Single row pearl necklaces (like top left) have a delicate presence, yet are still stunning enough to attract an onlooker’s eye. For a quirky twist, wear yours down your back, rather than your front. It’s a great new trend seen by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet. If you decide to wear yours as part of a truly glam evening look, include a faux fur shawl in your ensemble.

Chunkier pieces that feature several rows of pearls, such as the Constance Pearl ‘V’ Collar Necklace (top right), act as statement pieces and have a luxurious vibe – after all, Coco Chanel famously said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” These types of necklaces require a less dominating outfit, so the jewellery can really shine through.



The choices are endless when it comes to finding the right pearl bracelet for you. We have both minimalist designs, and those that come with stunning embellishments like the Nadine Pearl Bracelet. It’s even better if you can match the colour of the pearls to your necklace!



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While rings may not be quite as eye-catching as the other accessories due to their size, they still make for the perfect glam, yet subtle daytime accessory. Choose the Pearl Cluster Ring with a bubble pearl effect, and added diamante sparkle for that lovely finishing touch…

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