Matching Jewellery Sets

matching jewellery sets, Gaby jewellery, crystal, statement earrings, statement necklace, snow queen

If you’ve already familiarised yourself with our new AW15 collection, you may have noticed that there are some matching pieces available, which are perfect for creating exciting jewellery sets. From sparkly designs, to minimalist pieces, you’ll find many styles to mix and match within the collection…

matching jewellery sets, ice queen,  yellow, necklace, ring, bracelet, navy, silver

Novak Crystal Set

ice queen, Novak earrings and necklace, crystal, Gaby jewellery, statement jewellery

These ‘Ice Queen’ inspired pieces are truly fairytale-worthy due to their pastel hues with a wintry vibe. Statement jewellery pieces are no longer restricted to being worn at formal events; the necklace can be worn under the collar of a fully buttoned up shirt.

Earrings: E2635 Blush | Necklace: N2635 Blush

Raposa Set

yellow, oval ring, necklace, Gaby jewellery, silver, everyday jewelleryWhile they may be minimalist in design, there’s definitely something special about the Raposa necklace and matching oval ring. Perfect for injected bursts of bold colour into an everyday outfit, this set is a must-have for any fashion-conscious woman.

Ring: R2668 Yellow | Necklace: N2508 Yellow

Carys Set

blue, silver, navy, tiered necklace, tiered bracelet, beaded, Gaby jewellery

With the right amount of sparkle, the Carys pieces will effortlessly transition you between day and night. Silver and navy make a stunning combination, and there are certainly plenty of sparkly beads to look at on these tiered pieces.

Bracelet: BL2230 Navy | Necklace: N2230 Navy

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