Beach Inspired Jewellery

blue heart necklace, starfish pendant, beach jewellery

9/10 people are going on holiday this summer, and well over half are planning on travelling abroad. This is a great opportunity for jewellery sales, as customers love to choose additional accessories to go with their new holiday outfit. Gaby has created a fabulous collection of easy-to-wear designs that will add real style to beach and holiday evening wear.

Subtle sea shades and fun starfish charms appear on many of our necklaces and bracelets, whereas tumbled wood designs in vibrant sunshine hues are the perfect partner for light linen and cotton.

Gaby’s beach style jewellery is setting a brand new trend…

blue jewellery, beach, necklaces, wooden necklace, red, orange, starfish, yellow

Shop the beach look:

1. N2509 Turquoise | 2. N2483 Antique Silver | 3. N2033 Blue | 4. N2520 Orange Mix

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