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‘’A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls’’ Coco Chanel.

We here at Gaby’s HQ, love pearls! Pearls are an accessory that can give your look a sophisticated finish and are completely timeless and classic. The V&A has an exhibition this season through until 19th January 2014 – where they have paired up with Qatar Museum Authority to explore the history of pearls from the early Roman Empire through to today. A definite must-see!

Pearls have always been signified with wealth, glamour and royalty because of their rarity and it becomes obvious to you as you are walking around, as to why! The exhibition shows many cabinets full of shells and how pearls are developed and their formation. The exhibition has a rare selection of natural pearls from the Qatar Museums Authority collection, which are all different sizes and colours. They also show detailed maps and images of pearl fishing and trading in the Gulf – focusing particularly on the minimal and basic equipment that was used from 1000BC.

Along with the exhibition – they offer workshops that you can sign up to. Whether you are interested in ‘How to wear pearls’, or ‘couture embroidery’- it is available to book via the V&A.

The highlight for me, was the Marilyn Monroe pearls, that were given to her by Joe DiMaggio in 1954 – which can be seen here.Marilyn Monroe

Although you are unable to take photos in the exhibition, a great video is available to see.


Gaby two row ivory pearl set with three vintage roses, and diamante detailing finish.

Gaby’s finest pearls are made with glass beads that are colour dipped 6 times to give a fantastic lustre finish. They are hand strung and the clasp is made with Swarovski crystal. We also have a selection of styles that are made with glass and have various different styles and clasps.

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