Success at MODA!

We had a great MODA show! Thanks to all of you who placed your orders with us at MODA.

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Ochre has proved to be a very popular colour this season, closely followed by our friend Grey! Our best sellers are now running low on stock, so get in quick if you want to secure stock on the following lines:

gaby jewellery 6 in 1 copy

1. N2802 Silver  |  2. N2919 Clear |  3. N2919 Black Diamond  |  4. N3056 Black
5. N3056 Grey |  6. N2508 Slate

Instant Vintage

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Vintage jewellery pieces are a beautiful way to remember days gone by, whether it’s a family heirloom or something you found in an antiques shop. Of course, if you want to join in with this fast growing trend, the Gaby’s collection is here to hep you find similar pieces for much less…

1920s copy

The most classic decade of the 20th century, the 1920s were all about glamourous pearls and decorative diamante. As you may know, there is a huge selection of pearls available in the Gaby collection, so go crazy with new long necklaces, bracelets and necklets… Very Gatsby!

1930s copy

1930s icon Gloria Swanson (above) adds a quirky touch when modelling a matching set of triangular jewellery pieces. Keeping with the geometric theme, we’d recommend this circular Egyptian style metal plate necklace in either gold or silver from the warehouse clearance sale – with 70% OFF!

1950s copy

Beaded necklaces work really well if you want to achieve that colourful 1950s look. Experiment with this Lava Long Necklace in Purple, and add as many beaded pieces as you feel to make your jewellery become a statement look.

Which decade do you look to for style tips?