The Duchess of Cambridge Inspires New Looks in Jewellery!

Kate Middleton Sparkly Earrings

Hooray for the Duchess of Cambridge! She is becoming a real champion of young British jewellery.

Kate Middleton is known for her down-to-earth approach to fashion. For instance, she enjoys wearing single coloured pendant necklaces and simple earrings, which has helped to ensure these elegant styles will become a top trend this spring and summer. Her fondness for crystals and hearts are also helping sales of jewellery that feature these classic looks.

Gaby has a beautiful new range of classic looks for spring…

necklaces, earrimgs, silver necklaces, pendants

Shop the Duchess of Cambridge’s style:

1. N2508 Orange, Yellow and Taupe | 2. E2498 Grey |  3. N2036 Silver/Pearl | 4. N2035 Silver

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